I am being called back to (my roots) 
to add some more beadwork to my line of Jewelry this year…
I shopped the Bead Show this weekend.
Look at all the Beauties that I found!!
This is how it all began for me…
stringing beads
After starting to work with metal and the thrill of something new, 
I put my beaded jewelry aside. 
This past season, however, I added a few Beaded Bracelets to my line and absolutely loved my 
Metal pieces paired with my Beaded designs.
The change of textures when layering the jewelry makes a statement.
I loved the neutral colored beads with my brass and rhinestone that I used last season, but this year I am going to mix in…you guessed it 
I started beading as a young girl when I lived in Colorado. One day while out with my parents we went in to a shop on Pearl St. in Boulder and of course it was named “Pearl”  .
It was a Bead shop that was filled with so many beautiful colorful beads and stones. I could create my own jewelry…WHAT?!!
 I had never seen anything like it before. 
So like a kid in a candy store, 
I fell in love with the colors and textures of Beads. 
I would ride the Boulder Bus down to Pearl St. 
and get a fix whenever I could!
This was my first calling.
So what better way to start beading again then with the Bead of the West, my Turquoise.
You don’t see Turquoise with Brass and rhinestones, 
so this is my starting point.

I am so excited to get in the studio and play around with my new Beads
Take a walk down memory lane…and listen to some…
On the Road Again
in preparation to pack up my goods and hit the road!

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