Three years ago I went to the Long Grove Art Festival to check it out for the possibility of adding it to my Summer Art show schedule. That day, I happened to stumble upon this Eclectic little boutique called "Olivia's Past".

This store has the BEST clothes and accessories, so of course I had to get a few things! As karma (I believe) would have it ... 2 years later I had my jewelry at the Long Grove Art Festival when a beautiful gal named Lynne came by. An instant connection was made as she loved my jewelry and I loved her cute Lacey Top and her fun loving spirit. To my surprise she owned "Olivia's Past" and asked if I would be interested in putting my jewelry in her store. I was thrilled by the opportunity to show my jewelry in her shop, because I loved it so much. A match made at the Art Fest! Oh, and by the way, I do own that cute Lacey Top along with some other things.

CR Design Gallery Trunk Show
See my new line of jewelry for spring and summer
"Olivia's Past" April 18th from 11 - 8 April 19th from 11 - 6
Come on by and see for yourself all the things this boutique has to offer and enjoy an evening or afternoon in downtown Long Grove.
Get ready for Mother's Day and Spring/Summer

Some baubles currently available at the store.

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Oh, March is here and that means a few short weeks for those of us going on spring break, or a few short months for those of us not and the swimsuit season is upon us! I don't know about the rest of you, but I have been spending some quality time at the gym this month! All these days of being snowed in with a lot of time to relax and EAT and the muffin top has over flowed.

To my surprise, I have enjoyed this month at the gym. I feel like I have come to life again. I have gotten out of the house and actually see people. I even ventured into my first yoga class today and I must say that I am going to make it a weekly event. I loved it and lord knows this 40 something body needs some stretching out. Every time something gets dropped I am afraid to pick it up, because it hurts and I might get stuck!

I say make an effort this month to try new things. Life has much to offer and we tend to get stuck in patterns of the everyday. So go out and enjoy the rebirth of spring and embrace swimsuit season muffins and all :-)