Sneak Peek at My New Line

I have been working the last few months on developing my new line for the year. I always work on it during the winter months and unveil it at the Libertyville Art Festival the end of the summer. I will be doing a Trunk Show at Olivia's this Saturday and decided to bring it out early this year. With a push, I was able to get a lot of the pieces made. I still have to go on my big bead buy, so I had to work with what I had and what I could order online. A little tougher then going to the show, but I really liked the results and it forced me to use up some things I already had, imagine that!

So I thought I would give you a glimpse of what the line looks like. This line is a compilation of everything I have done from the beginning of my jewelry career, 17 yrs. ago until now. It combines beading, metal work, vintage jewelry & buttons, mixed media and influences from every class I have taken, every book I have read, current fashion trends along with many long hours of figuring out how to create components to make these images in my head a reality.
So here it is~

My trunk show will be Saturday from 11-5 at Olivia's in Long Grove~across from the Village Tavern
The Long Grove Chocolate Festival is also this weekend, if you get a chance come on out:)


The Typewriter

I have been looking for an old typewriter to type little messages for my collage pieces, pricing, signage, etc. Well, look what came into my life and made me very happy :)

My friend Dawn was out at the garage sales last weekend and remembered, bless her, that I had mentioned wanting an old typewriter and she found this cute little gem that works perfectly. I can also leave it out in my house and it makes me happy to just look at it!

I did some online research and found that Ernest Hemingway used this same typewriter to do his writing. So special, maybe this is his old typewriter, do you think? I am going to pretend it is and know that it will help me to express myself beyond belief!

I looked up some Ernest Hemingway quotes and these are some that really spoke to me...

I never had to choose a subject - my subject rather chose me.

As you get older it is harder to have heroes, but it is sort of necessary.

That terrible mood of depression of whether it's any good or not is what is known as The Artist's Reward.

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Courage is grace under pressure.

What a great man, l remember back in my youth, a long time ago...we saw his home in Key West on a family vacation. It was so beautiful and now I have something in my home to remind me of that moment and the author. My hope is that it will give me more confidence in writing my little blog!

and now...I had to put a picture of my beautiful crab and pear tree in full bloom in the back yard. Wish they looked like this all year, but I will enjoy their beauty as long as I can.

~ happy writing and happy spring


Happy Birthday Baby Girl

My baby girl turned 14 today~can't believe it!

daughter, sister, grandaughter, niece, friend, skater girl, softball player, guitar player, sweet, funny, athletic, artistic, music lover, dog lover, nature lover, cuddle bug etc. etc.

my Courtney ~ my baby girl
xoxoxo, mom


Butterflies are free to fly~

My favorite cool chick ever is Sheryl Crow~
she is such a down to earth, natural girl and well I am a fan.

This may be old news to some, but I just discovered this song & video recently. I was in my body pump (weight training) class, yes I do force myself to exercise every once in a while. This song was played while we were doing my favorite part of body pump stretching and relaxing after the pain is all over! I thought this has to be Sheryl Crow, but who is singing with her? How did I not recognize that voice? Anyhow, I remembered that it had "Butterflies are free to fly" in it and when I got home, I googled and here it is... "Always on your Side"

Thought I would share it with you, beautiful...

I have added some of my favorite songs to a new playlist on my sidebar, if you care to listen just click play!
I love discovering new music ~ What song has inspired you recently?


New Girlfriends

I made some new girlfriends at the flea market this weekend & then...
well I brought them home!

The first one I found was custom made by Sandy at Rhubarb Reign she is made out of chicken wire on an old lamp base.
I named her Ellie Mae (you know shes a farm chick with the chickenwire and all)
Here is a link to Sandy & Joe's blog:
They travel and do a lot of shows in the area, if you ever get to one make sure you stop in their booth.
Lots of great finds and they are wonderful people!!!!

I found my other girlfriend all by her lonesome in a cute little booth with vintage prints. As I walked around contemplating if I needed one more friend, she kept calling my name from across the building. I went back to say my goodbyes and well we struck up a friendship & a deal...I would let her live here if she would pose for pictures with my jewelry on. She agreed so I brought her home and now she adorns my living room by a beautifully lit window and is picture perfect. I think I will call her Tiffany:)

We also had a visit from our girlfriend Jeannie and her dog Ivan who took a liking to Gina and well...sat in her lap! One big lap dog, thanks for stopping by and showing us your tricks Ivan you made our day.
You can find Jeannie's blog @

our booth at the flea...

cute little butterfly bench~

and last but not least...thank's to Dawn for all the fun and laughs. You are the best girlfriend~


Flea Market this Weekend

My second weekend at the Grayslake Flea Market. I am excited for better weather then last month and another chance to meet new vendors and friends! Dawn and I will be bringing some fun new things this month, we hope you come out and see us.

A few of my new creations with the things I found out junking this month

Here is my repurposed cheese grater~earring holder

& my muffin tin~jewelry holder or desk organizer

and of course I will have some of my jewelry there...xo...come visit!

This month at Grayslake Flea Market they are featuring vintage clothing, so come see some vendors with fun clothing~
Here is a link with information on the flea market:

I will also be featured at Prairie Arts & Fibers at a Women's Art Show on Sunday~very close to the flea market you could do both :)
For information and directions there see the following link to Prairie Arts & Fibers:


Creative Juices Flowing

Just a few of the items that I am working with to bring to Lake County Flea Market in Grayslake this weekend. I am having a lot of fun with them! Will post the pictures later this week on how they turn out:)
ooh the suspense....