Valentines Day SALE!

Valentine's day is almost here, hard to believe and for all of you that need a token to share your love with yourself or others...
I am having a SALE in both of my Etsy sites! Starting today through next Sunday take 20% off all items (use code "blog20" at checkout). Links to both sites are on my sidebar. Hope you can find something for yourself or a great Valentine's Gift.

I have taken the image that I created in Photoshop as seen in my last post and made it in to a belt buckle. Here is a picture of it. I think it turned out great, if I do say so myself. I listed it on my Etsy site today.

I am spending these cold snowy days filling out the FAFSA form for college funding. Yikes, am I really old enough to have a college bound kid already? I feel 50 getting closer as I recieved my AARP card in the mail this week )): As a friend told me the other day, I will enjoy getting old and seeing my wrinkles as it is better then the alternative of not being here at all!
So I am embracing my life wrinkles, failing eyesight, sore joints, and all, glad to be alive and to have a daughter that wants to go to college.

Can I hear an Amen Sista!!!!!


Playing in photoshop again, this is my latest piece! Funny, but I had to call baby girl down a few times to help me to figure out how to make my visions happen. Me...a college degreed graphic designer needing help from a 14 year old. Now a days if you do not stay active with the programs, everything changes. I was doing graphics when we still did everything by hand, "cut and paste" is what we called it. It is a whole different field now. So many more possibilities. It can be FUN((:
One of my New Years Resolutions to PLAY more with my art! You never know where it will lead you.

On a completely different subject~ One of my best friends is a very talented story teller and writer. Rhonda is a professional horse trainer and although I know she is an expert in her field...I kept encouraging her to write a blog with her wonderful stories. Every year Rhonda includes a story in her Christmas Card and it always would make me laugh, cry or both and I will never forget any of them. They stick with you.
So grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and check out her blog and read some of her stories you will not be sorry, I promise!
The story "Young Prince Taj" still gives me goose bumps. "Finding my Friends" is a must read!

This is a picture of Rhonda on the right and her friend Mo on the left. If you read her first story it is about their friendship. You will love this story.


It has been awhile since my last post I know! This was a busy month of Holiday shows, parties, being with my family and unfortunately many colds and sickies in the house. So I wanted to sit down and do a New Years post, but was not feeling very creative while blowing my nose, sneezing etc. etc.

I just found out though that my good friend Sandy from Rhubarb Reign has been featured in Somerset Magazine this month and I am so excited for her. Sandy and her business partner Joe are some of the most talented people I know and are very deserving of this article! I am so glad they do the flea market near my home every month so I can go and see what goodies they will bring! I currently have them working on a belt buckle display piece for me. They created my cute chicken wire dress form that I featured on here a while ago. Not only are my friends in this issue, but one of my favorite artists Misty Mawn, whos work and blog I have been following for a few years is featured in & on the cover. Misty writes a beautiful blog has the most amazing photographs and artwork. I have enjoyed her blog for so long now and hope some day to meet her and take a class.

She has a book coming out that I cannot wait to get my hands on. It is sitting on my wish list on amazon and just waiting for the release date!!!

I look forward to a New Year full of
New... ideas, friends & experiences and hope the same for all of you.