Open the new book.
Its pages are blank.
You are going to put words on them yourself.
The book is called Opportunity and
its first chapter is New Year's Day.

2012 make it great!


Tree Lighting in town on a beautiful evening. It was unseasonably warm. Met up with some good friends that were in town from Colorado and ran into other local friends and rang in the Holiday season. Sent drama darling back to college yesterday and already miss her terribly and cannot wait for the holiday break and having her home longer.

I have extended my SALE for any that may of missed the Saturday Small Business day. It will run through today Monday in both my shops, see details on previous post!

Hope you all enjoy time with family and friends this past weekend and through the following month.

The Holidays are here!


Small Business Saturday SALE

SALE on both websites today! See sidebar for websites. Etsy site use code: shopsmall20 and on Tart-Travelingart discounts are already listed.
Help support local small businesses, many listed in my favorites on the sidebar:)

Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping everyone.


Natalie Merchant-Kind And Generous

Happy Thanksgiving! One of my favorite songs that seems appropriate for today~

I will be having a SALE on both of my online shops on my sidebar this Saturday for Small Business Saturday. For my Etsy site use this code at checkout: shopsmall20 and for the Tart site select items will already be marked down 20%. One day only!

Enjoy the day :) xxoo



I have done it all by proud, actually created my own website from scratch just in time for the holidays. I wanted to create an online boutique that I could sell my jewelry and altered art along with that of other artists that I admire and want to support. I plan on taking it on the road {locally that is, for now} to art shows, home shows, business shows, flea markets, etc.
Please take a look:

Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what I have to start. The girls at have created some beautiful one of a kind pieces for me to debut on my new site. The Snow Divas designed by Lisa are so adorable, created from vintage bottles and pieces. A true one of a kind holiday gift for yourself or someone on your list. Once they are sold they are gone.

Jeannie has made unique one of a kind earrings out of broken china and all vintage components. Each pair is also one of a kind.

I had artist Teresa Sheeley make up some one of a kind bags for me that you can tote your books, knitting, groceries you name it in style.

and some of her tea towels

I will be adding new pieces of jewelry as they come off my bench, here are some of the newest.

Click on the link on top of my sidebar to go to Tart and of course my jewelry designs will always be on my etsy site {also on the sidebar}.


New in the Shop

Time Flies Necklace

Special Order Mother's Necklace & Initial Rings

Ah, yes love rings...Oui & Love Word Rings


The Beauty of Fall

Just wanted to share some pictures of the beauty of dried fall flora and chippy, junky goodness!

Happy Halloween!


I'm Back

I'm Back!!! I have never had such a busy summer!

I did Festival of the Arts and enjoyed another great year. A lot of friends and shoppers came out to enjoy the weekend.

softball, softball, and more softball...this is my favorite picture captured by my dad of the girls running for the ball in flight! Baby girl is in the front (3rd base)

and she got her braces off!!!! Look at that gorgeous smile ((:

Now I have to face the fact that it is time to get Drama Darling ready for college. This is going to be a tough transition in my life and I am just now beginning to realize it. She performed as the returning Gurnee Idol this weekend and now she is packing to leave for college tomorrow. I am so excited for her and at the same time already missing her presence in the house. She has done a good job of getting me used to her not being here by being gone most of the summer. Hanging out with all her friends, working etc. etc. I am packing my tissues for the 5 1/2 hr. drive tomorrow. She is about to experience some of the best years of her life!

I really do think her sister is going to miss her...

I hope to have time to be more present on my blog again. Thanks for any who are still reading me! I have some new things happening this year and will keep you posted.
Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and I look forward to catching up with all of your blogs too!

ta, ta for today~xxoo cindy


I know I have not been blogging much lately, because I have been doing some Traveling this summer! Not to Europe, Exotic Beaches, Fancy Cities or Disney World. No, I have been traveling to softball tournaments with these crazy girls, that I adore!

I have also been traveling to Iowa with these two gals preparing for their next stage of life in college.

In between all this traveling I am preparing for my summer art festivals and spending time with family and friends!

Tonight the hubby and I are going to see Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow! I cannot wait to travel to Milwaukee to hear some great music on the lakefront!!!

I will be launching a new website in the next few weeks, and posting some pictures on my blog! Check back for the reveal!

Don't forget to enter my drawing in the previous post, I need 4 more to enter to pick a WINNER!


Spring Give Away!

Time for a giveaway! In honor of Spring and the fact that I have over a 100 followers now {whew hoo}, I have chosen to give away one of my vintage spoon garden stakes! So cute in your flower pot. Just tell me the name of your favorite spring flower or herb and consider yourself entered.
I will do a random drawing in 2 weeks {June 17} if I have at least 10 comments, otherwise, I will keep the drawing open until then {it really is not much fun with less then that}.

Enjoy your planting...xo


Drama Darling Graduates!

My first born graduated from high school this weekend! Mama is very proud and sad to know that I have 2 months left with her before she goes off to college. I know this summer will pass quickly as it always does, so I will cherish the time we have. In a few weeks we go to Iowa State for orientation to sign up for her classes. It seems like just yesterday that I was doing that myself! So now I spend my days giving her advice and what to be careful of in college, you know beer and wine you will probably be fine...liquor you will never be sicker...say NO to drugs. Do not waste your time looking for a husband spend it following your dreams and enjoy your independent time, you will never have it back. All those things we learn with age!!!

Graduation went smoothly even though the 2011 class was over 1000 students. Unbelievable!

A bonfire with some close friends to celebrate, (The ASU of the many colleges we visited and considered, we have a good collection)

With all the graduation festivities I have not listed much on my website, but here are two new belt buckles that will be up soon.

Happy Spring All. I will be doing a giveaway at the end of the week, please check back!!!

New in the Shop

Just wanted to pop in and show you a few new items listed on my
CR Design Gallery Etsy website!
Love the idea of a flower basket with a spoon stake for mother's day. Hope mom is not reading my blog!

Speaking of Mother's Day...In case you have not seen this William Tell Momisms by Anita Renfroe, I thought I would share, this is why we deserve a DAY OFF!!!

Happy early Mother's Day to all you mom's out there, I hope you all have a relaxing day planned, because we deserve it ((:


SALE~Crown Jewels

I Fancy a Bloody sale is in order for the Royal Wedding this week, don't you. I know it is a bit Cheeky, but it is Jolly time to have a sale and what better reason then Prince William & Kates Smashing Royal Wedding?!

Any Blooming piece of bling in either of my etsy shops that Sports a CROWN {hence crowned jewels} you may take 10% off!

Use this Smashing code {Royal10} during checkout for 10% off of your purchase through the end of this royal week!
~ Cheerio Mates