Family Fun in Springfield

We went on a family fun trip to Springfield, IL our capital. The reason for this trip was for Kelsey to compete with her cheer squad in a competition. I was excited at the chance to go and see our state capital and visit the Lincoln Museum which I had heard so much about.

We arrived at 7pm on Saturday eve and knew we were in for a fun filled week when the screaming, jumping, hugging started the minute we walked into the hotel as Kelsey ran into other team mates. We had a nice dinner in the hotel and called it a night early so we could take advantage of the morning before the competition.
We started the morning with a great breakfast at a little restaurant called "Tea Thyme". A small cozy restaurant with one of the friendliest waitresses I have ever had. This was a great way to start out one of the coldest days of the year. We then went on to tour Lincoln's home. We got to see how Lincoln lived before the white house.
Back to the hotel to get ready for the competition. Kelsey got ready and met up with her team for some last minute coaching and practice.
They competed around 3 in the afternoon and took first place in their division:-) We were all thrilled!
Next morning on to the Lincoln Museum. What a wonderful place. We all learned things we never knew about Lincoln and the presentations were unbelievable. Here I begged the girls to pose with the wax figures of the family. Kelsey was too "creeped out " to stand by them, but Courtney said she would. I think the picture speaks for itself (click on picture to see larger).

We headed home after the museum with a quick stop to Cozy Dog for hot dogs on a stick a famous spot of old Rt. 66. What a fun excursion, a big thanks to the cheer competition that brought us there.


New Years Resolutions

Here it is "Start a Blog" (resolution 1: Journal, be accountable)! What a great way to sum up the weeks activities and reflect on how much I accomplished all week. I always heard it was healthy to journal your thoughts, so why not?!

O.K. here goes the excitement of my week. I worked on my taxes! Wow, got an early jump on them this year (resolution 2: Do not procrastinate)! I usually put this task off until Harold is bugging me that we only have a week left to get it done. So hey, January and I am almost finished with the haunting task of doing my taxes:-) Must admit it is a great feeling.

I have also reorganized my studio (resolution 3: Be organized). For those of you that have visited my know what a task this was too! So now I am freed to go down and create my new masterpieces for 2008. I cannot wait to get started on some of the new ideas that are running through my head. I will update my blog with my new creations as they are born (resolution 4: Focus on creativity) .

I am also devoting this year to being a stronger mother (resolution 5: Don't kill the children). Teens can do things to you that require great strength, those of you who have them know what I am talking about. Of course I am going to gain great strength at the gym this year too and eat healthier (resolution 6: Same as everyone else).

More dates with the hubby (resolution 7: Harold, who's on that).

I have now put them out there. Feel free to send me yours too, so I can help hold you accountable. Thanks for being a part of my first blog. Look forward to doing more!