Found my Super Model

This weeks creations from the courtesy of one of my most fabulous finds...Perfection in patina and details!
I had a feeling she was going to be my next top model and well, she did not disappoint.
Found her this weekend at a fabulous vintage show that Jeannie and I attended in Wheaton, IL.

Look at her she's to die for...

Yes, another watch necklace displayed on another fabulous find, I have a thing for old boxes and suitcases...some women like shoes...what can I say.

No need to count...keep creating...24 seven!


Looking at Spring

For this weeks challenge I was inspired by the warm weather we are having in the midwest this March. We have been having 80 degree days, shocking. The flowers and trees are starting to bloom, this just does not happen around here this early...ever!!! I think I love it.

I decided to pull out some of my vintage stash that reminded me of spring to work with for my challenge. I used some of my Antropologie catalogs {that I have a very good collection of, after all they are works of art} for some inspiration. I found an outfit I liked and designed a piece to go with it. Here are the results...
{click on picture to see a larger version}

Sorry my images are a little late this week. Did I say how nice the weather was???


St. Patrick's Day in the City

We went downtown yesterday on St. Patrick's Day for Drama Darlings last day home of spring break {The girls brought their boyfriends}. It was a beautiful day, never seen here in Chicago in March and we soaked up the sun as we saw the sites. We visited the Bean, Marilyn & the Chicago River was once again dyed green!!!

My challenge pictures will be delayed a day due to the fact that I spent the day downtown with my family. I promise to get them up!!!

First seven

Last week I put out a challenge for myself and whoever else wanted to take it on...7 new art pieces in 7 days. Here are my results for the week.

For details or to purchase this item click on my tart-traveling art shopping link at the top of page or link below
1. Mosaic Collage Necklace

2. Vintage Domino Necklace

3. Vintage watch face Earrings

4. Vintage watch face necklace with a lucky horseshoe

5. Vintage watch face with a cross and vintage milagro

6. Lion button necklace {I am a Leo, this one will be a keeper}

7. Watch face with a vintage victorian button set in the middle with tassels necklace

I must admit harder then I thought. Creating 7 new designs, had to put my creative cap on 7 days, make the time. I actually really enjoyed it. I played with a lot of my watch pieces that I have collected over the years. I felt that it made sense to use them first since this challenge lets me see how precious time is. Making the time to do things you enjoy every day. The design process is my favorite process and I tend to not leave enough time for it. I have learned this week that I need to focus more on that.

I was so inspired that I did a redesign on the blog too. It was about time, really it was!

Feel free to join in at any time if you want to take this on. Would love the company. Check out Jeannie from The Gilded Junqueyard who is participating. {url listed under challenge on the sidebar}

Enjoy the week, I know I will spring is in the air!!!

New Challenge

I have decided to challenge myself and whoever else may want to join me in creating at least one new art item a day for the month of March. I know that March has already started, but I just came up with this idea to motivate myself! I want to start getting ready for my approaching art festival season at the end of the summer. This way, hopefully, I can spend less time in my basement studio and more time outdoors this summer!

Does anybody want to join in with me on this? I am going to post my weeks creations on Sunday's, that is 7 art items finished, photographed and put on my blog every Sunday for the rest of the month! There I said it, put it out there so I must do it, right? Nothing like some accountability.

Any other procrastinators like me out there that want a push to create?
Join me...send me a link to your blog in my comments. I have created a link on my sidebar for all that want to play along and will add you to it. Just think how great you will feel on Sunday when you see all that you accomplished the previous week. Feel free to create more then one a day if you are really inspired! I hope to have some of you out there join me so we can check out each others work this month and make this a fun group activity.

Here is how I plan on getting started...I went to the flea market yesterday and bought some things that I am dying to get my hands on. You will see some if not all of these components made into jewelry and art by the end of the month. Nothing like some new vintage goods to motivate.

Thanks for keeping me accountable...hope you join in...Cindy