Happy Birthday Dad!

{retro} picture of dad working with one of the many students he has mentored over the years.

Father, Grandfather, Son, Brother, Dog Lover, Friend, Dr. Weik (Professor), Teacher, Mentor, Naturalist, Botanist, Star Gazer, Story Teller, Artist, Photographer, Model Maker, Ham Radio Operator, Handyman, Hiker, Runner, Raquetball Player, Cook, Traveler...etc. etc. etc.

My Dad's birthday was yesterday and we went out for a nice dinner and then back to the house for our favorite Birthday Cake and yes you guessed it, the same Chocolate Cake that we had for the recent Bad Day. Seems to work for everything!!!

Happy Birthday Dad...Love you~


Let the Sun Shine

I have been feeling so tired this week. Hard to get motivated. I think it is the lack of sunshine. I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. The disease that makes you shut down when there is no sunshine! I think my dog has it too...of course he tends to shut down during the day most of the time. He is my partner for most of the day, hard to motivate when your partner is snoozing on the couch all day and all you want to do is join him. He has recently taken to the only piece of furniture that he has not ruined and of course my favorite pillow! Aw, but doesn't he look cute?!

This has been one of those weeks that maybe...I should of stayed in bed.
My drama darling had a bad audition for a summer job at Great America for one of the entertainers in the shows. Her CD skipped during the singing audition, missed part of the dance audition training, etc. etc. so she cried for hours and well, I baked her a chocolate cake to make her feel better. Seemed to help.
Here she is in the last play she was in "The Wedding Singer" she is the bridesmaid to the right of Billy Idol (who happens to be her boyfriend)! She would kill me if she saw I posted this picture...l know she does not read my blog though so all is good!

While all this was going on at the audition...I went to take my baby girl to register for spring softball and then out to lunch. On the way home we got rear ended in the Mini Cooper by an SUV, (ouch) and had to file police reports etc. etc. Neither of us was hurt and the Mini suffered some scratches and dents to the hatch, but considering the size differential we did o.k.! So the chocolate cake was for us too!

Moral of the story, when the sun fails to shine on you and all seems lost~


And the Winner is...

Inspiration is hard on a cold, gloomy, rainy day like today. The kind of day you just want to crawl back under the covers, but one must get up and get going, put on the coffee and see what unfolds for the day. Yes it is raining here in Illinois, I am so grateful it is not snow. Maybe, Mr. Robin Red Breast did know that spring would be coming early? Let's Hope!

I want to thank all who participated in my first Give Away, what fun. I loved all the inspirational comments, I am now very inspired! It was a great way to kick off my new Blog design, that I plan to stay committed too, again inspiration!!!
So...I wrote all the numbers on pieces of paper and had my baby girl draw the winner out of my lucky cowgirl hat.

And the Winner is...#4~
Cindy M.
(I will contact you)

I am inspired to do more Give Aways in the future. I am going to look around and see if I cannot work on some swaps for Give Aways, with my favorite artists, so keep your fingers crossed.


My Donation for Haiti by Hand Relief Fund

My donation of the Guardian Angel Shadowbox Necklace is for sale on the "Haiti by Hand" etsy site. All money made from sales will go directly to the relief and rebuilding efforts of Haiti by Hand in Despinos, Haiti. For more information on the cause go to:

Please, keep checking, because new items by many talented artists are added every day and this is a great way to give to people in great need!

Scroll down to Tuesdays Post for GIVEAWAY and leave a comment there if you want to enter!


New twist on Girls Night Out!

Last week I went to my friend Dawn's house and her gracious sister Donna came over and taught a few of us gals a simple crochet stitch. I'm not sure if it is the crocheting or the wine and girl talk, but I am pun intended! What a great way to spend time with a few friends.

I had crocheted a bit when I was very young and you know what, it was like riding a bike it all came back. I felt my grandmother being channeled through me as I went row to row. I remembered how she would come over and crochet & knit for hours while visiting. How she was able to count her stitches and carry on a conversation is beyond me. Maybe, if I was not drinking wine at the same time? Eventually, I stopped counting and just eyeballed it. This, however, was not the best idea!

My mom made beautiful blankets for all our babies and now for those same babies going off to college! So it makes sense that I learn to crochet blankets for my girls babies, right?! Learn, while I have the time. I think I will start with simple scarfs.
Look, I already have enough done to make a scarf that fits my cherub statue!

If you want to see some great knitting & crocheting check out this etsy site by "afra", absolutely beautiful pieces, my favorite:


Love For Haiti

The images of Haiti that we have all seen on the news are heartbreaking. I love that the red cross has found such easy ways for us to donate. I came across this website by Rebecca Sower the other day and was delighted to find another way that I could help with the cause.

On the website Rebecca will be featuring~
Supply drives.
Art auctions from some of your favorite artists.
Stories told.
Information shared.

She is asking for other artists to donate their art to the cause for the etsy sales site.
I have just put in a request to send jewelry to her, I hope that others follow and we can make a difference. The items already offered on the site are beautiful, I encourage you to go and see what is offered.
You may have to check back often, because they will sell fast. If you want to see some that have already been purchased click on sales.

A big thanks goes out to Rebecca and her insight to create and implement this heartwarming and charitable site.


Give Away This Week~Inspire

“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” ~ Bo Bennett

What inspires you? Inspiration to me comes in different ways. A sunny day, working out, cooking, a walk, being around my family, friends, music, art, a moment just to name a few. I wish I could wake up every day with a burst of inspiration, sometimes you have to go out and look for it and other times it is just there and wonderful!

I am giving my "inspire" necklace away. If you would like to have it add your name to the comment section and tell me in one word what inspires you? I will randomly pick a post number and announce the winner on Sunday!

Go out and be Inspired today:)

Please, leave your comment for the give away right here below this post click where it says comment. Thanks~


Crystal Morning

Yesterday, I woke up to a beautiful icy/foggy morning. All the trees were coated with this thin layer of ice that made them look like chandeliers. I was up early dropping my daughter off at work and then off to beat the crowds at the grocery store on a Sunday morning. On my way home all I wanted to do was to get out my camera and capture these beautiful trees. Then it happened, the shot of a lifetime, out my kitchen window there it was a bright red cardinal perched in my icy pear tree, absolutely breathtaking. I quickly scrambled to get my camera and go out and capture the picture. No great zoom on my little digital so I quietly opened up the patio door to sneak out and snap the shot. Well you guessed it, the cardinal flew away the minute I got my camera to my face. In my disappointment, I noticed this chubby little robin sitting in the tree right next to the pear tree posing ever so grandeur for me to capture this beautiful morning. I was very pleased with his patience as he even let me get up close and get a good shot of his big belly. Thinking all the while to myself isn't he supposed to be flying south by now? Could spring be around the corner? Signs of last spring still linger in the trees. One can dream...

The simple Robin Red Breast, as grand as any old cardinal sitting regally on his throne of ice crystals. Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful simplicity~

Tomorrow I will be announcing a give away so come on back...xo


Time for a Change

Out with the old...In with the New...

I felt with the new decade, I wanted a new look for my blog. This is the vision I have had for sometime for my blog. Like I said in my previous post, I had been putting it off and decided to take advantage of my ambition in the new year to go for it!
Unfortunately, I am not very web savvy, so a lot that I wanted to do I could not figure out how to do! So I settled, yes I settled, I am trying to not sweat the small stuff in 2010! It is just FINE!

I decided on the more subdued colors, because that is what the majority of my jewelry and painting colors are. I am always drawn to soft watercolor hues and deep blacks, browns & grays. Why I originally went with the bright colors I am not sure, but whenever I did a post other then at Halloween, I found I did not like the way the pictures looked with my background colors.

So here is my redesign, I hope that those of you that are looking at my blog find it appealing, I know that I am much happier with it.

Now can I redesign my kitchen? Think I need that warm and fuzzy feeling in there too :)


Pass the Doughnuts

Traditions...isn't it funny how certain things just seem right and they carry on from generation to generation? I know that my girls will be making the same recipes that have been passed down through our families. Grandma W's Mushroom Soup, Grandma N's Swedish Meatballs, Aunt Esther's Chocolate Cake to name a few...

Mom used to make these light, sweet doughnuts when we were kids and now they have become one of my kids favorite weekend delicacies. They could not be easier to make on a sleepy Saturday or Sunday morning. I encourage you to try for yourself you will not be disappointed.

1 package of refrigerated buttermilk biscuits
vegetable or canola oil
sugar or cinnamon sugar

Fill a small saucepan 1/3 to 1/2 full with the oil on medium heat not too hot. While it is warming open your biscuits and with a pop bottle cap cut your holes in the middle of the bisquit, these will become your doughnut holes! When you are done cutting out the holes, start by gently dropping one of the holes in the oil. When it starts to brown add the others your oil is now hot enough. With a slotted spoon take out and drain on a plate with paper towels, while still warm, but not hot, roll in your sugar and put on another plate. Continue adding the rest of the holes and doughnuts into the oil and rolling in the sugar till done. That is it. Total process takes maybe 10-15 minutes and your done.

Serve with coffee or milk~DELICIOUS!


A Cold Day

Another New Year is upon me and I long to leave the old and bring on the new! I have so many visions of designs for jewelry, home, paintings & collages that I cannot wait to get started. My girls are back in school today and the hubby at work and here it is house to myself and a Cold...a sneezy, red nose stuck in bed all day COLD!

What to do, I cannot let this opportunity completely escape me when I remember that I have been wanting to get back to working on my blog. I can do that in bed with a runny nose! What is it that while cleaning house or getting ready for an event that you realize you really need to redecorate or go shopping for new outfits? Well the same thing has happened with trying to work on my blog...I think I need a major redesign. So I will add that to my list for this month with all the other things.

Off to get a good nights sleep and take plenty of fluids and of course my NyQuil and hope tomorrow is a sick free day:)

Here's to a healthy and creative New Year to all!

~painting is by one of my very best friends, Cindi Sartain