As much as I complain about the cold here in the midwest, it is days like this that are just magical. I could not resist going off my route today to drive down a park road that I knew would be breathtaking and I was not disappointed.

Loved the way this evergreen was framed by the tall trees~

and this mighty oak tree, still hangs on to its leaves all cloaked in snow, beautiful!


Spring Shopping

Went out to deliver some jewelry to Olivia's Boutique (in Long Grove, IL) and can I say that every time I go there Lynne has found more great pieces. Clothing, Scarves (which is my latest obsession), Purses, Shoes, Belts, Jewelry things you will not find everywhere, she has such an eye.

When I go shopping and see such great clothes it motivates me to get into the gym and get body ready for wearing all the new spring and summer pieces and reveal my skin again. To shed the winter coats and heavy clothes. So yes, starting this week my goal is to get to the gym at least 3-4 times a week, which is great for me. Yesterday, I went out and instead of buying the cute spring clothes I bought some new workout wear. How is that for motivation? We will see how that works!

Check out these boots~

Loved the top, scarf & great necklace on this display

If you live anywhere around the area and are ever in Long Grove, I encourage you to stop by and visit Lynne and her beautiful shop! Tell her Cindy sent you:) Here is a link to Olivia's website and facebook page~


LOVE on Valentine's Day

Hope everyone is finding TRUE LOVE on Valentine's Day and doing things that they LOVE. A quiet day for me, husbands working as is my drama daughter. Baby Girl & I are home and I know that I need to clean house, but I do not LOVE that, so being that it is Valentine's should only do what one LOVES, right?!

Yesterday, I made some heart collages to give to my friends and family. Planned on making a bunch and well, got 3 done. Now think mom will get one and I will probably just keep the other two. They took much longer then I anticipated, my great idea came way to late, but I did LOVE doing them. I also visited my friend Dawn (the one with the beautiful vintage jars from previous post) at the flea market which I LOVED. I always LOVE the flea market, what's not to LOVE about the flea market?

So far I have LOVED my weekend and will enjoy spending tomorrow with my family at the auto show and we can LOVE all the new cars and each other then!

MUCH LOVE to all on Valentines Day~xoxo


She does it again!

My friend Dawn owns a shop here in Illinois named "Recovered Treasures". She has vintage furniture that she gives new life to and many vintage and new home accessories and gift items. She is so creative, I was by her shop the other day and she was making these beautiful keepsake ball jars with vintage jewelry that you can store just about anything in.

How great would these be to receive some Valentines Day candy in? I posted pictures of a few of my favorites, they are all so wonderful!

Being there during the creative process has its perks...look at the one I picked out for myself, Happy Valentine's Day to me!

You can see some of Dawn's shop items on her Facebook page and soon to be Etsy site at these links~


ETSY SITE {coming soon} ~


Baby it's Cold Outside

Oh Peter, you long for Neverland...My lil Peter Pan in his garden Loin Cloth is shivering in the snow~

As well as the the birds in their snowy little house~

We got dumped on in the midwest yesterday! Hey we even had an earthquake...what is going on here! Again House Swap anyone?


Making "LOVE"

Hammering love into the brass

"Making Love"
Oh My...Imagine what search engines my blog might show up in with this title. Maybe, I will capture a whole new audience ;-)
Sorry, if you were looking for a bit of excitement, that is of course unless you are excited about Hearts, Jewelry, Soldering, Hammering, Love... etc, etc. Just a little post about what is up in the studio...

I have been busy creating some Shadowbox Necklaces that capture a Rhinestone Heart in them with the word "Love" stamped on the back to remind you to give and receive it every day! I have listed these in my Etsy shop along with a few other heart inspired pieces. Hope you take a look...If you purchase a piece of heart related jewelry on my website and say you saw it on my blog in the comment, I will refund you 10% of the purchase price from now until Valentine's Day. Even if you came across this blog when you happened to be looking for something know what I mean?!

More pieces just soldered

More Heart inspired Pieces~

Little Rhyme for the day "Valentine's Day is a week away"
Sending Love your way~XO


Ingrid Michaelson

Love Ingrid Michaelson~ this video of "Far Away" goes along with the longing of escape to a beach! Includes "The Way I Am" too another favorite. Enjoy~



Every year at this time I get this longing to be by the ocean, to feel the sun on my body! I am sure this is true for most everyone that lives in the midwest.

I was given this picture by an artist friend to have fun and collage with and I just love it. How long has it been since I have picked up a shell and listened to the ocean. I remember doing this as a child, my dad had a conch shell and we would hold it up to our ears and you better believe we could hear the ocean and maybe even dream of being a mermaid!

I was just talking to my daughter the other day about a movie I saw many years ago called "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" with Don Knotts. Anyone remember that movie? I am showing my age, I know. I loved this movie and still remember it so vividly. It was about a man who longed to be a fish and live in the ocean.

Found a clip on youtube...

This clip is so vintage, guess that means, so am I. I loved the part where the wife says...if you only paid me half as much attention as those fish I would be the happiest women and he replies that the fish are so bright and cheerful. I think I would appreciate the movie for other qualities now that escaped me as a child.

For any reading this post that live by the ocean and are longing for a trip to the beautiful midwest...can we say house swap?

Happy Birthday today to Diana who writes a beautiful blog about the midwest to tempt you to want to visit...