Drama Darling turns 17!

O.K. I have to do a post about my daughter turning 17! First of all, I cannot believe that I have a 17 year old, how does that happen. We are looking at colleges and talking about what she wants to be when she grows up. Cripes I am still trying to figure all that out.

One of her best girlfriends decorated her bedroom and surprised her, it turned out so cute. When she got home with some other friends the party broke out in her room! My girl has the greatest friends!

To moms delight she dates a creative boy! He is a singer and comes to our house and plays and sings beautiful music on our piano and guitars. I have also discovered he is an visual artist as well, oh heart be still. Could it be she takes after her mom after all, creativity not only is in her, but in those she chooses to call her friends!
He made this mosaic of her for her birthday.

I would say a great likeness of her gorgeous self!

Here they are with her big orange birthday smile:)

Happy Birthday to my sweet, talented, beautiful girl~mama loves ya!

Recipe Box or Treasure Chest?

A while back I was at an estate sale and found this little recipe box that turned out to be a treasure trove of history. It was so fun pulling out the old brittle pieces of newspaper and recipe cards. I really bought it just for that, a recipe box. I was going to collage it and hold all my old family recipe cards in it. I had no idea of what a treasure it actually was, at least to someone like me who loves old images, papers or anything vintage.
Look at the date on this newspaper clipping~

Who doesn't love a recipe with "Ethel" as the creator? Names of our ancestors...My mom had an aunt Esther, Elsie, Bertha and her mom Mayme.

Prune Cake & Jelly~I found a lot of recipes that included jello or jelly in this little box~

I think the owner of this little recipe box used it for more then her favorite recipes, maybe her favorite things. I found these old ads in there~

and a report card~

Where would I go to buy some lard, so I can try out this Short Cake recipe :)

You never know when you may find a little treasure...happy hunting!


Successful & Fun

We had a Fun time at the flea market this past weekend! I made some new friends and saw some old friends and chatted with other vintage crazed people like myself.
Loved working with Dawn, she is amazing to me. So calm about everything and more energy then anyone I know. The mix of vintage furniture with jewelry and mixed media items worked out well in our booth. Look at this great chippy window frame that she put some screws in that we hung my spoons on, so cute!

I of course did some damage while I was there. Imagine that. I bought this cute little box that I could not pass up that Joan made, here is her blog ~

Then I bought some more buttons and earrings to pull apart that will make gorgeous necklaces!

So many great booths at the show, I have to go around and take more pictures next time. Since I was a newbie I stayed close to the booth. Must admit every time I went for food or to the ladies room I stopped and picked through boxes and it was as though there was a vacuum that would suck me into booths.
I had a great time talking with a new friend," Jeannie" who also designs jewelry and has a child who is passionate about music, we had so much in common, I could of talked to her for hours:) Here is her blog link ~

I cannot wait till next month~so inspired to make more for the next show!

getting ready for the flea market~

I have had a fun this week creating mixed media and new jewelry designs for the Lake County Flea Market that I am doing with my friend Dawn this weekend. Dawn has repurposed furniture and I am bringing along little gift items to put in the booth. This will be a new venue for me and I am very excited! I know that it will be hard to be a seller at the flea rather then a shopper, lol. Who am I kidding, I have a feeling I will do more damage buying then I will make selling. The temptations will be too great:) What better way to spend a weekend then at a flea market with a good friend and lots of vintage treasures?!

Mixed Media Designs~

New mop button pendants and rings~

Here is a link with information on the Flea Market:


Jewelry Envy

Can I tell you, I have jewelry envy, because my jewelry gets to travel to these wonderful places that I cannot. I send it to a beautiful little gallery packed with the best art ever in Prescott, AZ. I long to live in an area like this with its beautiful scenery, weather, boutiques, galleries & just visual stimulation everywhere you look.

My jewelry also travels to people that order it off my website who live in areas that I can only dream of visiting. If only I could hand deliver everything, I would be one happy camper (because that is exactly what I would be doing, CAMPING).

I love to work with beautiful images of the Madonna and Guadeloupe which you see a lot of in southwestern art. I get my fix, using them in my designs for the "Newman Gallery".

If you are visiting Prescott, AZ look for "Newman Gallery" in its quaint little downtown area and tell Dave, Donna & Nancy "hi" from me, they are wonderful people with a gift for creativity! I guarantee you will be glad you stopped in!
Dave Newman is an artist and you can view his website (listed below) to see some of his wonderful pieces!

{Here is a link to the galleries website}
{Here is a link to Dave Newman's website}
Newman Gallery {106-A South Montezuma Street Prescott, Arizona 86303}