New Years Resolutions

Here it is "Start a Blog" (resolution 1: Journal, be accountable)! What a great way to sum up the weeks activities and reflect on how much I accomplished all week. I always heard it was healthy to journal your thoughts, so why not?!

O.K. here goes the excitement of my week. I worked on my taxes! Wow, got an early jump on them this year (resolution 2: Do not procrastinate)! I usually put this task off until Harold is bugging me that we only have a week left to get it done. So hey, January and I am almost finished with the haunting task of doing my taxes:-) Must admit it is a great feeling.

I have also reorganized my studio (resolution 3: Be organized). For those of you that have visited my know what a task this was too! So now I am freed to go down and create my new masterpieces for 2008. I cannot wait to get started on some of the new ideas that are running through my head. I will update my blog with my new creations as they are born (resolution 4: Focus on creativity) .

I am also devoting this year to being a stronger mother (resolution 5: Don't kill the children). Teens can do things to you that require great strength, those of you who have them know what I am talking about. Of course I am going to gain great strength at the gym this year too and eat healthier (resolution 6: Same as everyone else).

More dates with the hubby (resolution 7: Harold, who's on that).

I have now put them out there. Feel free to send me yours too, so I can help hold you accountable. Thanks for being a part of my first blog. Look forward to doing more!

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