Happy New Year!

I'm back! I have been waiting to get some new photos that I would be excited about to use on my blog. My camera is not working and I am in the market for a new one, was waiting for the sales!
So now once that happens, I will be up and running again with great new pics of all that goes on in my 24/7 life!

We have had an interesting month with the weather here in Illinois. Winter had arrived with a big snow storm dumping about 18" of snow on us and then left again with temps in the 50's and rain storms. Is this global warming? Not sure I can handle it. The mini cooper I drive has a hard time in the big snows. Maybe the west coast is calling? 

Christmas has now come and gone again. Hard to believe it is all over. Now we look forward to another New Year and all it holds.

Wishing everyone the best 2009 and hope it brings great things your way.

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