Snow Dog Days

The Snow keeps coming and coming. We live in Northern Illinois and I have seen a lot of snow in my days, but these past 2 years it just does not stop! I love to sit inside and sip on a hot beverage and watch the snow fall, it is so pretty. If I have to go out in it, now that is a different story.

My little snow dog, Toulouse, cringes when he has to step out into snow as deep as he is high. We shovel a little path for him to find his way out to his spot...but as the snow keeps coming the path keeps disappearing. Here he sits looking at me, like you have got to be kidding me:)

I ponder what it would be like to live somewhere warm all year. I do know that when it was January, I would probably long to cuddle up in a warm blanket with my hot cocoa and watch the beautiful snow falling. I would be willing to see if I could stand going for nature hikes, bike rides, walks in January. To see if I could live with it.

I wonder how Toulouse would feel about it?

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Anonymous said...

He looks like a snow bunny