Thought if I posted some Christmas images that maybe I could wrap my brain around the fact that it is right around the corner.
I recently aquired this cute little tree under a dome at my friend Dawn's shop here in town and just love it! We are planning a Christmas blow out at her shop with a jewelry trunk show this Sunday. I cannot wait, love hanging out with Dawn and her customers and friends! Come on by if you are in the area.

This angel is a vintage piece from my mother in laws collection. Came with my husband, lucky for me, I love it!

Some of my favorite Santas

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

And while I was shooting these pictures around my house, I saw the little sparrows that like to gather outside my front window in the naked branches of my shrub {a little hard to see in my picture}. They are puffy and chattery, I love to just sit and watch them.

I need to get out of my house and start some Christmas shopping. I have not bought one gift yet, accept for myself from my friend Jeannie's {} holiday sale. Could not resist the face and the vintage character of this snowman made by Lisa. I bought the joy one, he has a jack on his head, how adorable is that?! Talked to her today and they still have some left if you are interested, check out the blog. Lot's of cute vintage Xmas!

Happy Shopping All ((:

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Gracefully Vintage said...

Love your work. Would love to know more about wholsale.. Just darling pieces..
Happy new follower ill be back. .