Drama Darling Graduates!

My first born graduated from high school this weekend! Mama is very proud and sad to know that I have 2 months left with her before she goes off to college. I know this summer will pass quickly as it always does, so I will cherish the time we have. In a few weeks we go to Iowa State for orientation to sign up for her classes. It seems like just yesterday that I was doing that myself! So now I spend my days giving her advice and what to be careful of in college, you know beer and wine you will probably be fine...liquor you will never be sicker...say NO to drugs. Do not waste your time looking for a husband spend it following your dreams and enjoy your independent time, you will never have it back. All those things we learn with age!!!

Graduation went smoothly even though the 2011 class was over 1000 students. Unbelievable!

A bonfire with some close friends to celebrate, (The ASU sweatshirt...one of the many colleges we visited and considered, we have a good collection)

With all the graduation festivities I have not listed much on my website, but here are two new belt buckles that will be up soon.

Happy Spring All. I will be doing a giveaway at the end of the week, please check back!!!


Susanne said...

This reminds me when I drove my daughter to school two years ago. I felt like I needed to impart on her as much wisdom as I could. Racking my brain for anything I might have missed in the previous 18 years. This was one of them.....don't mix bleach with ammonia! Ha! Like there was any chance of her going on a wild cleaning bender.

VS said...

I LOVE the comment above, LOL...that cracks me up! LOL
Thank you for comin by & sayin such sweet things...I know your buckles could get in BAJ if you submitted them...they are AWESOME!! Just way too cool friend!!! I hope to be seeing your name in one of the upcoming additions & stand back & watch you SOAR!!!
Big Hugs,