I'm Back

I'm Back!!! I have never had such a busy summer!

I did Festival of the Arts and enjoyed another great year. A lot of friends and shoppers came out to enjoy the weekend.

softball, softball, and more softball...this is my favorite picture captured by my dad of the girls running for the ball in flight! Baby girl is in the front (3rd base)

and she got her braces off!!!! Look at that gorgeous smile ((:

Now I have to face the fact that it is time to get Drama Darling ready for college. This is going to be a tough transition in my life and I am just now beginning to realize it. She performed as the returning Gurnee Idol this weekend and now she is packing to leave for college tomorrow. I am so excited for her and at the same time already missing her presence in the house. She has done a good job of getting me used to her not being here by being gone most of the summer. Hanging out with all her friends, working etc. etc. I am packing my tissues for the 5 1/2 hr. drive tomorrow. She is about to experience some of the best years of her life!

I really do think her sister is going to miss her...

I hope to have time to be more present on my blog again. Thanks for any who are still reading me! I have some new things happening this year and will keep you posted.
Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and I look forward to catching up with all of your blogs too!

ta, ta for today~xxoo cindy