Hazy days of Summer

Festival of the Arts show in Libertyville August 4-5.
Details on the upcoming shows link at top of this page!

This will be my 21st year doing this art show and I always want to make better and more pieces then the year before. I love to stress challenge myself each and every year!!!

I soldered a bunch of bezels & pendants today, still need a few more and then off to finishing them all. 

Drama darling (on right in pic) will be going back to Iowa State for her sophmore year. She has officially decided to make Journalism/Public Relations her major. So if any of you out there in blog land (come on I know there are some writers and PR folks out there) are in this profession I would love to know about the job outlook.

She has had a busy summer working, taking classes and of course hanging out with friends. The time has gone by way to fast, I feel like she just got home and now we are getting ready for the return trip. House seems so empty when she is gone.

We have also been to many a softball game with baby girl. There is nothing I love better then watching a good softball game, but this summer it has been HOT here in the midwest (look at the pretty grass in the background). The poor girls are holding up and us parents, well we are doing o.k.

I have spent the summer flea marketing, canoeing, hanging out with friends and family, eating, drinking oh and motorcycle riding (more about this in another post).

Until next time...hope you are all enjoying this warm dry summer. My husband keeps reminding me that snow is just around the corner so enjoy this!

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