New Friends with New Shops

I have made some new friends the past few years and two of them have new shops that opened this week. These two shops could not be more different, one has a very vintage, eclectic feel to it and the other has a very contemporary bright gallery one. They are very alike in that they carry unique goods & handmade artisan items and are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. I hope that if you are ever in the area of either of them you stop in and say hello!

Let me introduce you...

Room 363

Mark Norkaitis
232 S. Washington
Naperville, IL

Room 363 is a lifestyle store specializing in one-of -a-kind gift, home decor and accessories such as jewelry, new and vintage finds, redesigned furniture, clothing and handmade artisan items. 

Owner Mark with a customers puppy

My friend Jeannie and I at the grand opening last night


Sharyl Curtis
970 Harris Road, Suite 1C
Grayslake, IL

Gingi's is a lovely art gallery and retail gift shop 
offering unique artistic finds for those who enjoy gifting with a creative flair. 

Sharyl adding her new open for business sign

Something for every taste and the good feeling that you are supporting local artists and some of the most thoughtful small business people around town.

My hope is that these two who are following their dreams and visions are very successful for many years to come!

Congrats & Cheers to them both!

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