For the love of Tofu

O.K. I never thought that Tofu would become my favorite food. I Love, Love, Love it and wanted to share this with everyone. The possibilities are endless with this remarkable, healthy food. I have been having my own Tofu scramblers for lunch every day. Here is one of my favorites.

My Italian scrambler...
Firm Tofu (mashed with a fork to the consistency of a scrambled egg)
onion (any kind will do, but do use fresh not dry)
chopped spinach
pesto about 1T
cut up grape tomatoes - plum would work too
a little tomato basil Mrs. Dash seasoning (you could use salt and pepper, but I try not to add any to keep my salt intake down)

Wasa cracker with cheese on the side:)

Try other combos... mexican with salsa and onion, ham & swiss with mushroom and onion, veggie...any combo works, tofu takes on the flavor of whatever you put with it. Keep track of any cheese for calorie content and cut on the salt and you have a great healthy meal. Sprinkle some walnuts or almonds on top for a little healthy fat.

Since cutting out salt and sugar in my diet I have dropped 8 lbs. in 4 weeks. It is remarkable what just that will do. I have started eating fresh fruits and veggies every meal and cutting out soda and drinking a lot of water! O.K. it took me a long time to actually except what I always knew, but never thought I would love the food so much more.

The girls love everything we have been eating to my surprise! Should of done this years ago. Seems like I was stuck in a rut of making the same things all the time. Experimenting with spices, fresh ingredients and whole grains has been a lot of fun and the benefits are great.

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