Happy Holidays

Another year is coming to an end and the magical time of Christmas is upon us once again. As I get older and my children are now teens, Christmas has a different feeling. Sometimes we get so involved in the shopping and to do lists that the meaning of the season escapes us. We lose sight of the season through a childs eyes.

Christmas is a magical time and I long for the days of that wonderment with Dancing by the Christmas Tree, Caroling, The Nutcracker, Cookies, Hot Chocolate, Building Snowmen, Sledding and all that goes with the season. I want to step back and take the time to savor this time of year and enjoy the quiet & stillness of a magical snowfall. Even as our children and ourselves grow older that inner child is still there in all of us and we need to celebrate it, especially at Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all and a shiny bright New Year~

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