A Cold Day

Another New Year is upon me and I long to leave the old and bring on the new! I have so many visions of designs for jewelry, home, paintings & collages that I cannot wait to get started. My girls are back in school today and the hubby at work and here it is house to myself and a Cold...a sneezy, red nose stuck in bed all day COLD!

What to do, I cannot let this opportunity completely escape me when I remember that I have been wanting to get back to working on my blog. I can do that in bed with a runny nose! What is it that while cleaning house or getting ready for an event that you realize you really need to redecorate or go shopping for new outfits? Well the same thing has happened with trying to work on my blog...I think I need a major redesign. So I will add that to my list for this month with all the other things.

Off to get a good nights sleep and take plenty of fluids and of course my NyQuil and hope tomorrow is a sick free day:)

Here's to a healthy and creative New Year to all!

~painting is by one of my very best friends, Cindi Sartain

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Karen from A`Musements said...

Hi Cindy! Hope you are feeling so much better by now, and that your paint brushes are doing a tango on some happy canvas somewhere! I have added your wonderful blog to my list of favorites under the "Atelier" catagory. Your creative spirit comes through your blog like a beautiful ray of sunlight...
Happy New Year!