Playing in photoshop again, this is my latest piece! Funny, but I had to call baby girl down a few times to help me to figure out how to make my visions happen. Me...a college degreed graphic designer needing help from a 14 year old. Now a days if you do not stay active with the programs, everything changes. I was doing graphics when we still did everything by hand, "cut and paste" is what we called it. It is a whole different field now. So many more possibilities. It can be FUN((:
One of my New Years Resolutions to PLAY more with my art! You never know where it will lead you.

On a completely different subject~ One of my best friends is a very talented story teller and writer. Rhonda is a professional horse trainer and although I know she is an expert in her field...I kept encouraging her to write a blog with her wonderful stories. Every year Rhonda includes a story in her Christmas Card and it always would make me laugh, cry or both and I will never forget any of them. They stick with you.
So grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and check out her blog and read some of her stories you will not be sorry, I promise!
The story "Young Prince Taj" still gives me goose bumps. "Finding my Friends" is a must read!

This is a picture of Rhonda on the right and her friend Mo on the left. If you read her first story it is about their friendship. You will love this story.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I really Love your latest piece, my son just peered over my shoulder and agreed. Isn't it amazing how much the kids know or can do these days?
I will check out your friend's blog.
Have a lovely Sunday.

Susanne said...

I call my kids my tech support, they grew up with all this, it's second nature. When I was their age we were writing programs on punch cards. You didn't worry the computer would crash, that was someone elses' problem since there was just the one on campus. You worried you'd drop your box of cards. Ha!
Have fun playing!

Jen Crossley said...

Just found your blog you really do some amazing work.
Love the top image Im hopeless with this computer stuff.