Girls Weekend

A great girls weekend brought on by the chance meeting of two very creative souls that recently came into my life. I met Jeannie at a flea market and she introduced me to Sharon who so generously offered to take us up to her beautiful farm in Door County, WI.

The perfect girls weekend with two very like minded junk loving, treasure hunting, creative, business minded, beautiful, sweet, supportive, FUN new friends. What better way to really get to know each other then a 4 hr. car drive up north with various junking stops, story telling, much laughter, food & WINE. A perfect getaway for a gal like me.

One of our stops along the way was suggested by Jeannine at

An eclectic antique shop called "Farm Girl"
We met Lisa the owner who went out of her way to offer the best friendly customer service, complete with demonstrating how to pound out a vintage spoon and stamp words on it to hang or use in your flower pots. Can I say I was very envious of her anvil for those of you metal workers out there.

Look at this picture of Lisa isn't she the cutest funky girl, well she has a personality to match. Stop by and see her when you are in the Milwaukee area!

Once up in Door County one of our many adventures was to go to a fund raiser where you picked out a ceramic bowl made by local art students and then enjoy numerous varieties of soups of our choice. We spent about a half hour just looking at all the bowls, it was so hard to choose.

Jeannie chose one with a face and big red lips!

We stopped by a few shops, this gallery had the most beautiful colored glass bulbs and Adirondack chairs in the yard. Who would think something you associate with summer could look this beautiful in the winter. The colors just popped against the snow.

One of the highlights for me was the this beautiful shop named "Viva La Cottage" with such creative display. All soft whites and natural linens, burlaps in a mouth watering shop where you discovered something new around every corner. Unfortunately, my pics did it no justice so I did not post any of them. You will have to stop by and visit yourself or just take my word for it. In the meantime you can check out the owner Angie's blog~

Angie was not there the day we stopped by so I did not get a chance to meet her, but I had the pleasure of meeting Carol (what a sweetie) and we spent time talking and taking some pictures with her (we are facebook friends now). Rumour has it we have to come back and check out Carols place in Door County, Sharon said it is something to see. Here is a picture of Sharon, Jeannie & Carol.

O.K., I am going to wind this up. Unfortunately, I cannot post all the pictures here of our fabulous weekend. All I can say is it felt good to get away and spend time making and sharing new friendships and taking in the beauty of Door County!
I cannot forget to mention our fourth traveling companion "Jackson", I would say the sweetest dog I have ever spent time with!
This is a true companion dog((:

Thanks Girls, until we meet again ~love you~ xo


chrissy said...

cindy...that sound like a heavenly trip. isn.t it a blessing when friends come into our lives that have so much in common with us? i love it. wish i could have fit in that car with you girls...right next to jackson!
loves to you.
{STILL wearing my necklace....}


Amy Arnaz said...

Good Morning Cindy~
I clicked on your blog thru a link on my cousin's blog (Jeanine at Chippy-Shabby.) I SO identified with your list. And your girl getaway sounds like heaven. I've heard Jeanine speak of Door County many times. I love the photo taken thru a window with the barn in the distance and the chandelier up close. I live in the Nevada desert. We don't have barns and the atmosphere of "gathering junk" here. Wish we did. Enjoyed looking thru your blog and love your final photo with your doggie companion. Sweet. ~ Amy