Show Season is Starting!

Hard to believe with the weather we have here in the midwest that show season is just around the corner. Almost time to pack up the white tent and tables and head out for new people, places and adventures on the road. 

With the official launch of
Traveling Art

I have purchased a vehicle capable of carrying all my props 
(for those of you that know me, that is a lot of stuff) 
and a few boxes of jewelry to my shows this season.
I have always envisioned one of those cute vintage campers you see on Pinterest
 or an old beat up vintage truck, never in my dreams was it my parents Van? 
However…they kindly offered to sell it to me rather then trading it in 
and well it's kind of vintage (it's used). 

The Mini Cooper will officially be retired as my show wheels.
The Tart Van is ready to hit the road!

I have started designing tattoo inspired inspirational tee's. This has been on my list of things to try for a long time. I love the way they turned out and now my tshirts "Tart Tat Tees" will be available along with my jewelry, other artists jewelry and/or works and a few vintage goodies at my shows.

Hope to see some of you this season along the way! 

Don't forget to always enjoy the…


A Bit of Colour said...

All the best to you as you begin this adventure!

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