New Girlfriends

I made some new girlfriends at the flea market this weekend & then...
well I brought them home!

The first one I found was custom made by Sandy at Rhubarb Reign she is made out of chicken wire on an old lamp base.
I named her Ellie Mae (you know shes a farm chick with the chickenwire and all)
Here is a link to Sandy & Joe's blog:
They travel and do a lot of shows in the area, if you ever get to one make sure you stop in their booth.
Lots of great finds and they are wonderful people!!!!

I found my other girlfriend all by her lonesome in a cute little booth with vintage prints. As I walked around contemplating if I needed one more friend, she kept calling my name from across the building. I went back to say my goodbyes and well we struck up a friendship & a deal...I would let her live here if she would pose for pictures with my jewelry on. She agreed so I brought her home and now she adorns my living room by a beautifully lit window and is picture perfect. I think I will call her Tiffany:)

We also had a visit from our girlfriend Jeannie and her dog Ivan who took a liking to Gina and well...sat in her lap! One big lap dog, thanks for stopping by and showing us your tricks Ivan you made our day.
You can find Jeannie's blog @

our booth at the flea...

cute little butterfly bench~

and last but not least...thank's to Dawn for all the fun and laughs. You are the best girlfriend~


anythinggoeshere said...

I saw the cute stripped down girl in Janice's booth and I am glad she has gone home with you.

And isn't Sandy's chicken wire dress form the greatest?

And what about us human new girlfriends! I feel like you are becoming one of mine and I hope you feel that way too.

It was fun to see you both again!!! Joan@anythinggoeshere

Cindy said...

joan~that goes without saying, of course the human girlfriends are the BEST by far and you are one of them!
my daughter read this post last night and thought i had lost my mind with calling these inanimate objects my girlfriends. i told her it was my attempt at creative writing (lol), she just thinks i am strange:)

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Hi Cindy! I'm glad you named them! I always do. Thanks for mentioning us; glad you like the dress form. I love my necklace, btw. Great photo of Ivan -- how funny. Have a good week; hope Dawn's back is better. xo