Happy Birthday Baby Girl

My baby girl turned 14 today~can't believe it!

daughter, sister, grandaughter, niece, friend, skater girl, softball player, guitar player, sweet, funny, athletic, artistic, music lover, dog lover, nature lover, cuddle bug etc. etc.

my Courtney ~ my baby girl
xoxoxo, mom


Diana said...

Happy birthday to your sweet little girl! What a beauty. Thank you, Cindy, for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I am so pleased to meet you. You and I have a lot of things in common. Love your jewelry designs and your artistic flare.

Ella said...

It is such a fun age; My daughter turned 14, last month. I can tell there will be some changes this year,
A formal event coming up, a chorus
competition and we pre register for
high school, the first week in May.

Enjoy your beautiful young lady;
I am enjoying mine~

Hope she had a wonderful birthday~

Barbara Jean said...

Been strollin' through here. Fun Blog, Cindy, and beautiful work.


barbara jean