This weekend I did my annual Art Festival in Libertyville, Illinois. It was a huge success with a great turnout and lots of familiar faces. I grew up in Libertyville and started doing the Art Festival when Drama Darling was one year old. I realized that this weekend was my 17th year doing it. I have evolved a lot from those early days and so has the show. My first year I was the only one selling jewelry and now there are at least 20 or more at every show.

I was honored to win the "Best in Jewelry" category this year, which makes my heart sing, since it was one of my hardest working years. My best artist friend Cindi Sartain whom I met at this show about 15 yrs. ago won the "Best in Painting" Category, so you know that we went out and celebrated! If anyone is interested in this painting, I can hook you up. She does not have a website or blog, she is a very busy art teacher and such a talented painter.

One of my favorite new things about my display is this great little display "t" bar that my friend Jeannie made me. Isn't it adorable?!!! She is another kindred art spirit that I met at of all places a flea market. She makes gorgeous jewelry from rosaries and vintage. When we met we realized that we had so much in common it was an instant friendship. Here is a link to her blog~

Last week I took my girls on a trip to Iowa State (my alma mater). The campus was still as beautiful as I remembered. I loved walking around with the girls and showing them all the buildings and places that were so special to me.
The architecture on this campus is just breathtaking. The building below is Beardshear hall, my memory of this building is one of paying my fees. So the memory although not my favorites, the building was gorgeous.

The Campanile would chime on campus and just hearing it again took me back. The tradition was you had to be kissed under the Campanile at midnight to be an official ISU coed and yes, I was!

I think my girls enjoyed themselves and maybe were even interested in possibly attending. However, baby girl, I think is still not very into the whole college experience. She was very into her friends back home. Not sure what all the texting was about under and by these beautiful buildings, maybe she was just letting them know how much FUN she was having!

Under the Campanile~

On Curtiss Hall Stairs~

This last picture is of the Design Center where I spent most of my time! Such a great space to create, look at that sky!

My girls are back to school in a week and summer will come to a close. I think summer seems to go by faster and faster every year.

This was a short but eventful one...
Softball Games, driving here, picking up there, Parents 50th wedding anniversary, Galena, Turning 49, Art Festivals, Canoeing, Hanging out with friends, Flea Markets, Singing Competitions, College Visits, Jewlery Making, Jewlery Making, Jewlery Making...

Happy end of Summer all... xo

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