Sweater Weather

Oh heart be still...these boots from Anthropologie, what can I say...Sweater Weather is here! I look so forward to going shopping for my fall wardrobe.

I have decided that I am a J. Crew girl at heart. I love their comfortable looks every season. I believe that this image is actually a spring one, but this is so my style. Even the chair is my style.

and of course my dear friend Lynne and her new fall lines at Olivia's in Long Grove...that jacket, that scarf, love, love, love.

I have not done a blog post in sometime. I seriously had been waiting to post, because drama darling was in a singing competition here in town, she sang "Before he Cheats" by Carrie Underwood (with a lot of attitude I must say) and she won. I wanted to post the you tube video (that will make her the next Justin Bieber) on here and well, I am having some technical difficulties. So here is a picture...until I get it all figured out. I have my computer savvy neighbor on it as we speak!

Basking in the limelight afterwards~

Since then the girls are back in school. Drama darling is finishing up her final year in high school and baby girl is just starting. I want to hold on to this year, I know that my life is going to change drastically in the next few. I cannot believe my babies are both in and almost out of high school. They were just born really, weren't they? I know that we all feel this way as mom's, but boy time really does fly! Just look at how grown up and mature they are.

I am trying to get back into a normal schedule here at the homestead. I really want to function like I used to when I had to go to a job. I feel blessed and cursed all at the same time. It is so hard to motivate myself to work at home when all the dirty laundry, dishes, floors etc. keep calling my name. Sometimes, I would love to have a studio away from home, of course then I would have to get dressed and could not work in my jammie's. Of course, that would be a reason to have more Fall Clothes!

I went to a bead show this weekend and got some fab beads to inspire me to get back in the studio and design new things for fall. I cannot wait to play with them all. I am in the process of reorganizing my studio to make it more efficient. All of you creative sorts understand where I am coming from. We tend to get a little messy from time to time, right. I call it creative chaos. It is what it is. It does feel good to clean it up every once and awhile and get back to some sort of system. Look what I did with my old printers tray, painted it white and it works great as a bead organizer.

I will post my process on the new pieces soon...until then..., halloween, fall color, new clothes, bonfires and all the beauty that fall brings.
~Enjoy Sweater Weather~


Anonymous said...

What a small world! so fun meeting you! I hope our paths cross again sometime! ( sooner rather than later!)
just love your creative spirit! love your blog

Blessings from Cindy said...

Just stopping in to wish you a Merry Christmas! Thank you for following my blog & bringing me joy!

Love your organized printers tray!! I have little collectables in mine, but yours looks really neat!