The Vintage Work Bench

I have been looking for a vintage workbench for a while now and I found it recently at a flea market. I brought it down in my basement studio to use as my soldering work station. I am so excited to finally have this in the studio. I have been soldering my pieces in the kitchen on the stove with the fan for ventilation. I am looking for a way to vent the fumes out of the windows in my studio. Oh the fumes I breathe...solder, e6000, resin, paint...can anyone relate. When creativity calls, we have to do what needs to be done. I try to be as safe as possible, but it is hard to not breathe in any fumes. If anyone has any ideas for ventilating solder or resin fumes, I would love suggestions!

I bought this great vintage workbench metal chair, I added a rusty old star to the back of it.

I found some more vintage victorian buttons too!

To make more of these~

I am almost satisfied with my studio now, almost. I am still looking for a tall dresser with drawers for storage, you know the vintage, chippy kind. The I will know it when I see it kind!
When it is all put together, I will have absolutely no reason to not be super productive!

Hope you all have your own special space in your life, I highly recommend it:)

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VS said...

Love your jewelry came up with a great way to use your vintage buttons!!!