getting ready for the flea market~

I have had a fun this week creating mixed media and new jewelry designs for the Lake County Flea Market that I am doing with my friend Dawn this weekend. Dawn has repurposed furniture and I am bringing along little gift items to put in the booth. This will be a new venue for me and I am very excited! I know that it will be hard to be a seller at the flea rather then a shopper, lol. Who am I kidding, I have a feeling I will do more damage buying then I will make selling. The temptations will be too great:) What better way to spend a weekend then at a flea market with a good friend and lots of vintage treasures?!

Mixed Media Designs~

New mop button pendants and rings~

Here is a link with information on the Flea Market:

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chrissy said...

i want to spend the weekend at a flea market with a really good friend!
i am soooo darn envious.
i don.t have any friends like that.
flea markets for that matter.
you seem to know a bit about az, so if you hear of a good flea market and a friend who wants to go...im your girl.
i want to see more of your rings.
they look soooo wonderful. are they in your shop?
i was just talking to a friend about "a spoonful of sugar" on sunday night. i think i might need to have you make one of those for her....?
happy marketing dear one.