Recipe Box or Treasure Chest?

A while back I was at an estate sale and found this little recipe box that turned out to be a treasure trove of history. It was so fun pulling out the old brittle pieces of newspaper and recipe cards. I really bought it just for that, a recipe box. I was going to collage it and hold all my old family recipe cards in it. I had no idea of what a treasure it actually was, at least to someone like me who loves old images, papers or anything vintage.
Look at the date on this newspaper clipping~

Who doesn't love a recipe with "Ethel" as the creator? Names of our ancestors...My mom had an aunt Esther, Elsie, Bertha and her mom Mayme.

Prune Cake & Jelly~I found a lot of recipes that included jello or jelly in this little box~

I think the owner of this little recipe box used it for more then her favorite recipes, maybe her favorite things. I found these old ads in there~

and a report card~

Where would I go to buy some lard, so I can try out this Short Cake recipe :)

You never know when you may find a little treasure...happy hunting!


anythinggoeshere said...

Cindy. I think my mom bought lard at the butcher. Am I sure? No.

I have a suggestion on your blog. It is hard to see when the comments should go between your posts. It may be the "template" you picked, but it you can space your posts further apart I think it would be easier for people to see when one starts and another ends.

Can I help you do this? No. My blog does not have that problem.

P.S. My grandmother was Bertha. Her sisters were Pearl, Ruth, and Ruby. xo Joan

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Hi Cindy! It was great to meet you, too. I will be putting your blog up on my roll this week. And thanks for ordering the dress form -- she'll be ready for you to pick up next month at Grayslake, unless you let me know otherwise! (: And, next month, I need to get one of your great pieces. What was I thinking! xo

Ella said...

What a find, I can relate, somewhat.
My Mom has a bag full of recipes and magazine clip outs....I tried to type them once. It wasn't a good idea, she liked it as it was.
I love all the unique clipping and report card... how fun!

I know, growing up think it was on
Bug's Bunny, always singing "Mama's Little Baby likes Shortening Bread."
I always wondered about that...I bet this is the the same thing.

chrissy said...

i got goosebumps with this post.
this is the type of thing i REVEL in.
i wish we lived close to each other so we could sit out in the gardner and go through each and every little treasure in this box.
thank you SOOOO Much for sharing it with us.
i have YET To go to an estate sale.
you have motivated me friend.
happy day.

chrissy said...

i didn.t mean to say "sit out in the gardner"...that.s my last name....opps....i meant to say...sit out in the GARDEN!!!!
silly me!

Juliette Crane said...

what a find! thank you for sharing. i am so happy to have found and to be following your blog:) best wishes. xoxo, juliette

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