Jewelry Envy

Can I tell you, I have jewelry envy, because my jewelry gets to travel to these wonderful places that I cannot. I send it to a beautiful little gallery packed with the best art ever in Prescott, AZ. I long to live in an area like this with its beautiful scenery, weather, boutiques, galleries & just visual stimulation everywhere you look.

My jewelry also travels to people that order it off my website who live in areas that I can only dream of visiting. If only I could hand deliver everything, I would be one happy camper (because that is exactly what I would be doing, CAMPING).

I love to work with beautiful images of the Madonna and Guadeloupe which you see a lot of in southwestern art. I get my fix, using them in my designs for the "Newman Gallery".

If you are visiting Prescott, AZ look for "Newman Gallery" in its quaint little downtown area and tell Dave, Donna & Nancy "hi" from me, they are wonderful people with a gift for creativity! I guarantee you will be glad you stopped in!
Dave Newman is an artist and you can view his website (listed below) to see some of his wonderful pieces!

{Here is a link to the galleries website}
{Here is a link to Dave Newman's website}
Newman Gallery {106-A South Montezuma Street Prescott, Arizona 86303}


chrissy said...

finally someone is giving me some information i can follow up on.
i LIVE in arizona.
phoenix, not prescott, but hey...close enough.
i want to travel and see your jewels.
i LOVE the madonna and have been studying her and collecting photos and paintings and nicknacks for quite some happy to see your stuff.
now i have a great excuse to take a little road trip for myself.
thanks for sharing.

anythinggoeshere said...

It was fun talking with you also at the flea. Great photos and fun stuff over here on your blog. I love seeing what you do and it will great seeing you again next month. Thanks for the great and fun conversations. xo Joan@anythinggoeshere