Drama Darling turns 17!

O.K. I have to do a post about my daughter turning 17! First of all, I cannot believe that I have a 17 year old, how does that happen. We are looking at colleges and talking about what she wants to be when she grows up. Cripes I am still trying to figure all that out.

One of her best girlfriends decorated her bedroom and surprised her, it turned out so cute. When she got home with some other friends the party broke out in her room! My girl has the greatest friends!

To moms delight she dates a creative boy! He is a singer and comes to our house and plays and sings beautiful music on our piano and guitars. I have also discovered he is an visual artist as well, oh heart be still. Could it be she takes after her mom after all, creativity not only is in her, but in those she chooses to call her friends!
He made this mosaic of her for her birthday.

I would say a great likeness of her gorgeous self!

Here they are with her big orange birthday smile:)

Happy Birthday to my sweet, talented, beautiful girl~mama loves ya!


chrissy said...

she IS beautiful.
i think it is one of the biggest blessing we can have when our children chose good friends.
good friends chose our children.
i know my mom prayed and prayed to have good friends come into my life...(i was somewhat of a stinker)
my oldest is 17 too. it.s hard to fathom sometimes isn.t it?
what a dear creative boyfriend she has too...awe!
it looks like the pieces are all fitting together so well my friend.
happy birthday to your sweetie.
you are a doll.

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Hi Cindy -- Can't find your e-mail! Per Kane County -- we are in the Main Building, also known as the Robinson Building; it's where the kitchen is; NOT the new Expo building. We are all the way at the end of the longest row. I think it's 47-48, but ask at one of the information desks if you can't find us. Or ask for Lori Robinson; she's our building manager. Thanks! xo

Sandy and Joe/rhubarb reign said...

Hi Cindy! Me again! Great to see you at Kane. Didn't use the photos, as eyes were shut each time! Did you see yourself at the collage table, though? See you at Grayslake. xo