New Challenge

I have decided to challenge myself and whoever else may want to join me in creating at least one new art item a day for the month of March. I know that March has already started, but I just came up with this idea to motivate myself! I want to start getting ready for my approaching art festival season at the end of the summer. This way, hopefully, I can spend less time in my basement studio and more time outdoors this summer!

Does anybody want to join in with me on this? I am going to post my weeks creations on Sunday's, that is 7 art items finished, photographed and put on my blog every Sunday for the rest of the month! There I said it, put it out there so I must do it, right? Nothing like some accountability.

Any other procrastinators like me out there that want a push to create?
Join me...send me a link to your blog in my comments. I have created a link on my sidebar for all that want to play along and will add you to it. Just think how great you will feel on Sunday when you see all that you accomplished the previous week. Feel free to create more then one a day if you are really inspired! I hope to have some of you out there join me so we can check out each others work this month and make this a fun group activity.

Here is how I plan on getting started...I went to the flea market yesterday and bought some things that I am dying to get my hands on. You will see some if not all of these components made into jewelry and art by the end of the month. Nothing like some new vintage goods to motivate.

Thanks for keeping me accountable...hope you join in...Cindy

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The Gilded JunqueYard said...

K....i'll try, tho it may be like high school where i'm cramming the projects in at the end of the week {old habits are hard to break} haha!