First seven

Last week I put out a challenge for myself and whoever else wanted to take it on...7 new art pieces in 7 days. Here are my results for the week.

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1. Mosaic Collage Necklace

2. Vintage Domino Necklace

3. Vintage watch face Earrings

4. Vintage watch face necklace with a lucky horseshoe

5. Vintage watch face with a cross and vintage milagro

6. Lion button necklace {I am a Leo, this one will be a keeper}

7. Watch face with a vintage victorian button set in the middle with tassels necklace

I must admit harder then I thought. Creating 7 new designs, had to put my creative cap on 7 days, make the time. I actually really enjoyed it. I played with a lot of my watch pieces that I have collected over the years. I felt that it made sense to use them first since this challenge lets me see how precious time is. Making the time to do things you enjoy every day. The design process is my favorite process and I tend to not leave enough time for it. I have learned this week that I need to focus more on that.

I was so inspired that I did a redesign on the blog too. It was about time, really it was!

Feel free to join in at any time if you want to take this on. Would love the company. Check out Jeannie from The Gilded Junqueyard who is participating. {url listed under challenge on the sidebar}

Enjoy the week, I know I will spring is in the air!!!


The Gilded JunqueYard said...

oops.....looks like i better get my post up. I did do some new creations {not quite sure if there's 7} Yours are absolutely STUNNING as usual!!


Anonymous said...

I think I create that way all the time. I can't seem to challenge would be to actually relax and do nothing for seven days straight!

Your creations are amazing!
I think you should keep it up girl....when you're on a creative roll...

Ciao Bella
Your newest follower