As much as I complain about the cold here in the midwest, it is days like this that are just magical. I could not resist going off my route today to drive down a park road that I knew would be breathtaking and I was not disappointed.

Loved the way this evergreen was framed by the tall trees~

and this mighty oak tree, still hangs on to its leaves all cloaked in snow, beautiful!

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chrissy said...

thank you so much for visiting my blog.
i am so happy you did because now i can follow YOUR blog. im going to add myself. i LOVE the photos you took of the snow. i live in arizona, so NO snow here and i grew up a snow bunny so i miss it.
i can.t wait to peek around your blog. you look like a doll and i am loving your jewelry.
kelly rae is a wonderful person and i HIGHLY suggest you go on a retreat sometime. (maybe we.ll go together.)
thanks again new friend.