LOVE on Valentine's Day

Hope everyone is finding TRUE LOVE on Valentine's Day and doing things that they LOVE. A quiet day for me, husbands working as is my drama daughter. Baby Girl & I are home and I know that I need to clean house, but I do not LOVE that, so being that it is Valentine's should only do what one LOVES, right?!

Yesterday, I made some heart collages to give to my friends and family. Planned on making a bunch and well, got 3 done. Now think mom will get one and I will probably just keep the other two. They took much longer then I anticipated, my great idea came way to late, but I did LOVE doing them. I also visited my friend Dawn (the one with the beautiful vintage jars from previous post) at the flea market which I LOVED. I always LOVE the flea market, what's not to LOVE about the flea market?

So far I have LOVED my weekend and will enjoy spending tomorrow with my family at the auto show and we can LOVE all the new cars and each other then!

MUCH LOVE to all on Valentines Day~xoxo

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