Spring Shopping

Went out to deliver some jewelry to Olivia's Boutique (in Long Grove, IL) and can I say that every time I go there Lynne has found more great pieces. Clothing, Scarves (which is my latest obsession), Purses, Shoes, Belts, Jewelry things you will not find everywhere, she has such an eye.

When I go shopping and see such great clothes it motivates me to get into the gym and get body ready for wearing all the new spring and summer pieces and reveal my skin again. To shed the winter coats and heavy clothes. So yes, starting this week my goal is to get to the gym at least 3-4 times a week, which is great for me. Yesterday, I went out and instead of buying the cute spring clothes I bought some new workout wear. How is that for motivation? We will see how that works!

Check out these boots~

Loved the top, scarf & great necklace on this display

If you live anywhere around the area and are ever in Long Grove, I encourage you to stop by and visit Lynne and her beautiful shop! Tell her Cindy sent you:) Here is a link to Olivia's website and facebook page~

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