Making "LOVE"

Hammering love into the brass

"Making Love"
Oh My...Imagine what search engines my blog might show up in with this title. Maybe, I will capture a whole new audience ;-)
Sorry, if you were looking for a bit of excitement, that is of course unless you are excited about Hearts, Jewelry, Soldering, Hammering, Love... etc, etc. Just a little post about what is up in the studio...

I have been busy creating some Shadowbox Necklaces that capture a Rhinestone Heart in them with the word "Love" stamped on the back to remind you to give and receive it every day! I have listed these in my Etsy shop along with a few other heart inspired pieces. Hope you take a look...If you purchase a piece of heart related jewelry on my website and say you saw it on my blog in the comment, I will refund you 10% of the purchase price from now until Valentine's Day. Even if you came across this blog when you happened to be looking for something know what I mean?!

More pieces just soldered

More Heart inspired Pieces~

Little Rhyme for the day "Valentine's Day is a week away"
Sending Love your way~XO

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