Let the Sun Shine

I have been feeling so tired this week. Hard to get motivated. I think it is the lack of sunshine. I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. The disease that makes you shut down when there is no sunshine! I think my dog has it too...of course he tends to shut down during the day most of the time. He is my partner for most of the day, hard to motivate when your partner is snoozing on the couch all day and all you want to do is join him. He has recently taken to the only piece of furniture that he has not ruined and of course my favorite pillow! Aw, but doesn't he look cute?!

This has been one of those weeks that maybe...I should of stayed in bed.
My drama darling had a bad audition for a summer job at Great America for one of the entertainers in the shows. Her CD skipped during the singing audition, missed part of the dance audition training, etc. etc. so she cried for hours and well, I baked her a chocolate cake to make her feel better. Seemed to help.
Here she is in the last play she was in "The Wedding Singer" she is the bridesmaid to the right of Billy Idol (who happens to be her boyfriend)! She would kill me if she saw I posted this picture...l know she does not read my blog though so all is good!

While all this was going on at the audition...I went to take my baby girl to register for spring softball and then out to lunch. On the way home we got rear ended in the Mini Cooper by an SUV, (ouch) and had to file police reports etc. etc. Neither of us was hurt and the Mini suffered some scratches and dents to the hatch, but considering the size differential we did o.k.! So the chocolate cake was for us too!

Moral of the story, when the sun fails to shine on you and all seems lost~

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Dawn said...

Love the pictures...all of them, the girls, the dog, the rain boots! I love all your pictures!!! I finally had time to sit down and read all of your's really hard after the passing of my laptop. She was so young,only 6 months old... may she rest in peace.