Love For Haiti

The images of Haiti that we have all seen on the news are heartbreaking. I love that the red cross has found such easy ways for us to donate. I came across this website by Rebecca Sower the other day and was delighted to find another way that I could help with the cause.

On the website Rebecca will be featuring~
Supply drives.
Art auctions from some of your favorite artists.
Stories told.
Information shared.

She is asking for other artists to donate their art to the cause for the etsy sales site.
I have just put in a request to send jewelry to her, I hope that others follow and we can make a difference. The items already offered on the site are beautiful, I encourage you to go and see what is offered.
You may have to check back often, because they will sell fast. If you want to see some that have already been purchased click on sales.

A big thanks goes out to Rebecca and her insight to create and implement this heartwarming and charitable site.

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