New twist on Girls Night Out!

Last week I went to my friend Dawn's house and her gracious sister Donna came over and taught a few of us gals a simple crochet stitch. I'm not sure if it is the crocheting or the wine and girl talk, but I am pun intended! What a great way to spend time with a few friends.

I had crocheted a bit when I was very young and you know what, it was like riding a bike it all came back. I felt my grandmother being channeled through me as I went row to row. I remembered how she would come over and crochet & knit for hours while visiting. How she was able to count her stitches and carry on a conversation is beyond me. Maybe, if I was not drinking wine at the same time? Eventually, I stopped counting and just eyeballed it. This, however, was not the best idea!

My mom made beautiful blankets for all our babies and now for those same babies going off to college! So it makes sense that I learn to crochet blankets for my girls babies, right?! Learn, while I have the time. I think I will start with simple scarfs.
Look, I already have enough done to make a scarf that fits my cherub statue!

If you want to see some great knitting & crocheting check out this etsy site by "afra", absolutely beautiful pieces, my favorite:

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