Crystal Morning

Yesterday, I woke up to a beautiful icy/foggy morning. All the trees were coated with this thin layer of ice that made them look like chandeliers. I was up early dropping my daughter off at work and then off to beat the crowds at the grocery store on a Sunday morning. On my way home all I wanted to do was to get out my camera and capture these beautiful trees. Then it happened, the shot of a lifetime, out my kitchen window there it was a bright red cardinal perched in my icy pear tree, absolutely breathtaking. I quickly scrambled to get my camera and go out and capture the picture. No great zoom on my little digital so I quietly opened up the patio door to sneak out and snap the shot. Well you guessed it, the cardinal flew away the minute I got my camera to my face. In my disappointment, I noticed this chubby little robin sitting in the tree right next to the pear tree posing ever so grandeur for me to capture this beautiful morning. I was very pleased with his patience as he even let me get up close and get a good shot of his big belly. Thinking all the while to myself isn't he supposed to be flying south by now? Could spring be around the corner? Signs of last spring still linger in the trees. One can dream...

The simple Robin Red Breast, as grand as any old cardinal sitting regally on his throne of ice crystals. Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful simplicity~

Tomorrow I will be announcing a give away so come on back...xo

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Lori Ford :) said...

amazing photo... love it!
(poor robin!)